Valhalla Lights are a band that has a tragic history.

Their first vocalist, Phoebe Black, passed away in tragic circumstances just days before the band was to enter the studio to record. Brent, Deon and George were devastated but determined to put out the album to honor their fallen bandmate.

The album, Krypton, was created posthumously using the pre-production vocal recordings that the band had of Phoebe. The band took the vocals into the studio and reverse engineered the album (starting with the vocals and playing music in time to them) … which is unheard of in recording!

The release of Krypton was charged with emotion for all involved, with Phoebes dark and haunting lyrics sending a powerful message “from the other side”.

On the day that Phoebe died, she changed her Facebook home town to Krypton, Kentucky.


The band decided to call the album: Krypton

The cover features a photo of Phoebe



The Krypton album can be streamed here:

Album tracks


Before you listen to Krypton please watch this documentary. Krypton is the heaviest album that you will ever hear. On many levels. Watch the documentary to find out why.


The band created 4 film clips to honor the memory of their fallen bandmate:

Lights Out




I Wont Be Your Slave Anymore


and Waiting For The World To Start Again –


RIP Phobe Black. It is a tragedy that we never shared the stage.

We will remember you always. Your brothers in rock. George, Deon and Brent.